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zulu_poet's Journal

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i'v been writeing poems for about 8 years now.. started writeing because i was in anger-manage-ment! lol... and they told me to find a new way to express my self besides punching someone in the face.. my frined hooked me up with this site after me and him were talking and i told him i write poems and he said he dose to..

he is a very very excellent writter!! HITMAN you are..

writteing became a hobby of my after a while, and i was seeking attation as to what people thought of my writting i used my myspace as a cry for help wich nun of my friends can tell me what there point of views or there actuall thoughts were on my poems. the most i'v gotten was

wow/ thats really good/ or the way you word your poem discribs how people feel but don't know how to express it, but i was able to.

but im looking for a perspective from another poet!

please dont Flame me for my spelling or grammer if your able to read it, and understand it then is that not good enuf?